Website and SEO audit service

There will be many reasons as to why you are wanting to use a website audit service. Including being worried about your website’s SEO health, a dip in traffic, sales and enquiries?

Then now is the time to let us run a detailed audit and health check of your sites pages so we can report back to you what issues have arisen and what needs to be resolved.

Our team of experts will manually look for issues both on and off your site, this will mean that no problems are missed that prevent your web pages from performing and ranking on the search engines.

We can analyse all of your sites pages


Health checks to improve your websites rankings, performance and sales!


What’s included in our audits?

Our audit team produce in-depth website and SEO audits and look at the following areas when running our auditing process.

  • Security – Our auditors will check to see what security measures you have installed. As a hacked or unsecure webpage can lose rankings very quickly.
  • Performance – We will be checking speed and loading times of all your websites pages and on all devices.
  • Usability – Our auditing team will look at your website from a customer’s point of view and how it rates for user experience.
  • Accessibility – Our website audits will look to see if your websites pages and its content are easily accessible.
  • Back link profile and authority – We will investigate to see what links you have pointing to your website and their influence.
  • Search rankings – Our auditing specialists will explore what terms your website ranks for on Google and other top search engines.
  • Responsiveness – Our audits also check to see if all web pages are working flawlessly on all mobile devices.
  • On-site SEO – This is where our website audit experts will inspect to see if meta data and h-tags have been added correctly to your web pages among other on-site stuff.
  • Social channels – Our auditors will examine what social media presence you have.

We will provide you with a full report of the website audit results along with any problems we have identified and what you need to do to get your site back on track. If issues are left, then you could be losing out on conversions and earning money.

Our auditing costs:

Our auditing prices are based per project, this is due to the fact that no website is the same. However below we have provided the different website audit packages we offer that will give you a better guide to our costs. If you find that none of the below packages are suitable we will be happy to provide a bespoke quotation.




Website structure assessment

On-page SEO

Keyword research

Off-site SEO

Security assessment

Site performance

Speed and caching check

Analytics review









Structure analysis

On-Page assessment of SEO

Keyword research

SEO of page

Security check assessment

Page performance

Speed and caching analysis

Analytics and search consule audits

Backlink review

Competitor check

Paid ad's review






Structure and site architecture review

On-site SEO

Keyword research

Off-page SEO assessment 

Security analysis

Webpage performance

Speed and caching audits

Analytics and search consule auditing

Backlink analysis

Competitor analysis

PPC analysis

Link building analysis  

Big websites 1500+pages

Other audit features we include:

Site structure and architecture

We will examine your site and give it a score on, how easy it is to crawl, if it is user-friendly, clean navigation and site structure.

Logistics and design

Design is the first impression, we will meticulously study the sites layout, how it reads and appears visually.

PPC and local SEO

We check this by analysing map results, Google AdWords, citations, reviews and structured data.

Analysing competitors

Our auditors will analyse your competitors rankings against your website and detail the results.

How long will a website and SEO audit take?

Our auditing timeframes do vary, and it depends on the type of audit you require and also the size of your existing website. It can range from 3 to 14 business days, but we can try to work to any timescales you may have or need.

How often should I have an SEO audit?

This does depend on the size of your site, but a general rule would be to have at least one audit every 12-18 months, just to make sure your website is always working at its optimal performance and no problems have arisen.

Can I not just use one of the free automated audit reports?

Yes, you can, however these types of free reports can be useful, but they only offer an extremely low level of information relating to your website, these reports are more used for lead generation and not a true website audit service. You will find many of these free audits request your email address and send you an instant report and request you contact them for help. Unfortunately, these tools are not a true representation of the health, traffic and conversions of your site.

A healthy site will always earn you money.

If you are ready for a search engine optimisation audit and health check of your most valuable online asset then, sign up to one of our packages or please contact us for a free website audit service quote tailored to your businesses needs. Our auditors are ready to get to work on examining your web pages and advising you on how to improve your site by making it run efficiently.

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