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At Prestige we have in-house web development experts who are fanatical when it comes to developing websites, they have the programming skills to build and develop amazing websites that not only look impressive but are made so that your users experience is faultless and engaging on all devices. Our developers always ensure the correct coding language are used for your web project and not just what would be easiest to use.

A whopping 80% of potential customers are now visiting websites before making a purchase, online experience is what makes their decision, and this includes, the look, how practical it is to use and how accessible (user friendly) your webpages are. These aspects are becoming more and more important for online businesses in 2019.

Specialists in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP coding.


We create websites that look great and entice customers!


So, what is web development?

For those of you that are not sure what web development actually is we have provided a small explanation to help you understand. Website development is the programming or coding that makes websites functionality possible. A web developer will work developing the back end of a website that you do not see by creating code that gets different programs working together seamlessly and also the front end, constructing what your visitors would see when a loading a website. The coding used for this type of developments are HTML, CSS and JavaScript which you can find out more about these below.

There is a web application development pecking order and below is the order and an explanation:

  • Client-side coding – Also known as the front end of a webpage, this type of development is done wholly in JavaScript.
  • Server-side coding – This is known as back-end, these are server-side languages like PHP that run on a server and sends down the HTML code to the site.
  • Database technology – This is the software that interacts with visitors, applications and the database itself to catch and analyse data.

The codes we use to develop websites explained:

There are 3 main programming codes and languages used to develop websites and they do the following – create content, appearance and user interaction.


HTML stands for hypertext mark-up language, this is a special code for creating text to turn it in to a webpage. Every website software uses HTML and it is the backbone of every web application.

CSS Coding

CSS is short for cascading style sheets and this again is coding that web developers use to create sets of rules for the styling and appearance and the cosmetic side of a website and its pages.

JavaScript Language

JavaScript is another programming language that is extensively used to add functions to a site and create the interactive features for websites that help engage visitors.

Our website developers portfolio:

Browse through our most recent web application development projects which include eCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Umbraco websites that our agency has developed.

Southern projects and services


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What web application development services do you offer?

We offer a large variety of web developing solutions and applications which include:

Why use our web development company?

Just a few reasons why you should let us develop your web applications:

  • We offer competitive rates and free quotations.
  • Our website developers are completely reliable.
  • Our development team are fully qualified.
  • A senior web developer will be assigned to your project.
  • We quality assess all our work as testing is just as important as the development.
  • Our web developments are guaranteed to reach more customers.
  • We only work with the best and latest technology and coding languages.

Some questions you may have answered below:

Can you customise a website theme?

Yes, we are happy to custom code any theme or template to suit your requirements.

Do you develop plugins?

Yes, our team of skilled developers can create from scratch any type of plugin, just let us know your requirement and our development guys will build it for you.

How well do you know PHP and MySQL?

Very well, most of the top content management systems including WordPress and Joomla are written in PHP and we work with such platforms on a daily basis. We also have vast knowledge in MySQL as this is one of the most common data sources within hosting.

Can you give me examples of some of the things you have developed?

Yes, of course we can, we have a portfolio of works on this page above these questions, but we will be more than happy to send you some more examples of our development projects we have completed all you need to do is ask!

How long does a website development project take to complete?

This is different for each client and really does depend on the size of the development and what is involved. We will be able to give you timescales once we know more about your requirements.

How many websites have you built and developed?

To date we have developed over 500 websites which does not include clients that have asked us work on their existing websites applications.

Contact our team for a free no-obligation chat.

If you would like more information about our web development service then contact our team of developers here at Prestige, and we will produce the perfect solution for your business and its website needs.

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