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Our WooCommerce website design and WordPress eCommerce team build high performing shops with a design that creates an easy user experience your customer will want to engage with.

So, what is WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce plugin is a free open source eCommerce software that was developed to integrate effortlessly with the WordPress CMS platform which is currently one of the world’s most popular and powerful software’s for creating a website.

In April 2015 the WooCommerce design software hit 7 million downloads and in 2017 powered 41% of all online stores. It has so many different functions available, some within the core plugin and other extensions and plugins that can be installed. The WooCommerce plugin can control a single product shop or a store with hundreds of products and is great for retail businesses who want to grow online.

Advantages of a WooCommerce website design:

  • Trusted by many.
  • It seamlessly integrates with WordPress.
  • You can sell anything from downloads, subscriptions to actual products and appointments.
  • More than 400 official extensions for WooCommerce which includes marketing and account plugins plus many more.
  • You can select from over 1000 themes.
  • It has unlimited customisation options.
  • You can embed products to blogs or create pages that take customers straight to checkout.
  • You’ll be able to add tags, categories and attributes, this will help customers find your products quicker.
  • Just like WordPress ratings and reviews can be added.
  • You can set any currency, language and measurement that’s right for your business.
  • You can also have multiple store fronts.

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Many of our clients ask us which is the better software for running an eCommerce store online in 2019, Magento vs WooCommerce vs Shopify? All equally have their own strengths and it really does depend on how the store owner will find managing the software. We have found the WooCommerce website design plugin to be one of the simplest and easy to use eCommerce software’s around and is preferred by many of our current clients.

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Choose from some of the additional WooCommerce plugin services we offer:



Our agency has a variety of packages available to suit any business when it comes to designing a new website, using the WooCommerce design platform. We offer affordable WooCommerce website design prices, quick turnaround and amazing designs to compliment your business, our prices start from just £1995 for a fully functioning WordPress eCommerce store.



Our WooCommerce design team are here to help with any issues that can arises after your website has been built. We have a selection of different WooCommerce website design support packages available starting from £50 per month. We can offer help for the following problems, bug fixes, plugin updates, patches, extension installation and upgrades plus any other problems you encounter.



Our WooCommerce website developers are fully qualified when it comes to developing eCommerce shops using this plugin. We work on all aspects of WordPress and WooCommerce website development from the beginning of the design process to any after build support needed, we also specialise in migrating over from other platforms, we can also manage large item databases, custom coding and plugin development.

Below is a sample of the plugins we are able to install:

Payment gateways

WooCommerce automatically comes with PayPal integrated for accepting payments but you can also offer your customers BACS, and cash on delivery. Do you have a specific payment processor in mind? Stripe, Sage Pay or WorldPay? Let our WooCommerce website design experts know what your preferred payment gateway is and we will source the correct extension and install it in to your shopping cart.

Multiple shipping options

When we design your website, you have the option to offer any shipping method imaginable including free shipping, flat-rate shipping or local pickup using the WooCommerce shipping extension. We can also configure settings, so you can only ship your products to specific countries. There are also other extensions available to offer your customers live rates, discounted labels and tracking numbers.

Product filter and sorting

Allow your customers to sort products into specific order using the WooCommerce product filter. Sort by popularity, ratings, low to high prices and you can also give your customers the option to filter items in your shop by size, type, genre, brand or colour. Our eCommerce for WordPress design team can easily integrate the WooCommerce website products filter for you if required.


We can customise your WooCommerce website with any feature using extensions, these are extra plugins we can add to your sites design to add extra functions and a better user experience. The must have extensions for 2019 include Amazon affiliate (earn money with ads), Sales Trigger (options that trigger a sale) and Cartback (sends a reminder via Facebook messenger). There are thousands available in the WooCoomerce extensions store.

Product share

The product share plugin lets you add social media share buttons (such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google-plus, reddit and many more) to all of your shop’s product pages. This allows your visitors to share items on their social media accounts.  The product share plugin is a great way of allowing customers to interact on your store and even promote your products on their favourite social media platforms.

Order tracking

Provide your customers with up to the minute order tracking with the YITH WooCommerce order tracking plugin. Our eCommerce experts can install and configure this great WooCommerce plugin, so your visitors can freely observe the whole delivery process with a single click. All the main carriers can be tracked using the YITH WooCommerce order tracking plugin including DPD, Parcelforce and Hermes.


If you have items that are currently out of stock but are in high demand our team of store designers can install a great simple extension called the WooCommerce waitlist.  This allows customers to register their interest on a product and to be automatically notified when the item is back in stock. It also helps the seller in identifying popular products, so you can prioritise your re-stocking.


Do you sell items that require recurring payments for example subscription-based products? There is a brilliant plugin available called WooCommerce subscriptions that can manage this for you. It offers many types of billing schedules including automatic and manual payment renewals with email invoices and receipts being sent to customers. WooCommerce subscriptions offers subscribers the ability to manage their plans.

Bookings and reservations

Do you need your customers to be able to make reservations or book an appointment? We can integrate the WooCommerce bookings extension where you can offer date and time reservations, or book week blocks at a time. The WooCommerce booking extension is perfect for any business who requires their customers to book slots or make a reservation.

Discount and rewards

Why not reward your buyers by giving them discount codes, coupons or offer reward points that can be redeemed against another purchase? Our team can integrate these options it to your store, shopping cart and checkout pages so you can spend time promoting your offers. A great way to increase sales is by getting customers earning points or discounts when buying from you.

Product Add-Ons

Do you want to offer your customers additional extras on your product pages? We can install an extension called product add-ons for you. This allows you to add extra services or information fields. For example, with the product add-on extension you can add an option for gift wrapping a product or the ability to write a special message or space to write text for a personalised item.


The best plugin our WooCommerce designers recommend for search engine optimisation is called Yoast SEO. Our team will happily install this plugin and configure it to your needs, so you can start making your products and services SEO friendly. The Yoast SEO plugin allows you to write product meta titles and descriptions, checks your contents readability and optimises keywords.

Storefront theme

The storefront theme is one of our favourites and an ideal option for our WooCommerce website design team to use to build your store. It has been built and supported by WooCommerce developers themselves, so you know it’s going to have everything you need for a shop theme. Some of the features in the Storefront theme include SEO tools, responsive design plus it has many styles and layout options and more.

One-page checkout

Is your checkout process too long and are you getting a lot of customers abandoning their carts? Our eCommerce experts recommend the WooCommerce one-page checkout extension to solve this issue. This cuts out any long-winded processes for the customer, so they can add products to the cart and complete payment without even leaving the page using the WooCommerce one-page checkout plugin.


Have your customers recommend your WooCommerce store to friends and family and give them a reward for doing so. We can configure the extension ReferralCandy by setting up a link that your customers distribute to their friends and family inviting them to your store with an offer. The customer will only receive a reward if the referral is successful and a sale is completed. With the ReferralCandy extension you can keep track of referral engagement and revenue.

360 image view

Offer your customers a real-life shopping experience when browsing items by using an extension called Magic 360. It allows customers to take a closer look at your products by spinning your items 360 degrees and zooming in. Our eCommerce designers can install the Magic 360 extension to showcase your products and by using this extension it can help increase your sales by up to 27%.

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