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Are you looking for a Magento website design firm who can who can provide you with an online retail solution that will increase revenue, traffic and conversions in 2019? Our talented team of Magento web designers understand how to make the most of your stores’ build and design to maximise your online business to its full potential.

Why our company?

We specialise in Magento web design and ecommerce website development and our focussed bunch of designers have vast knowledge when it comes to Magento’s functionality, layout, navigation and features. Our goal is to perfectly create an online store solution that offers your customers an engaging shopping experience and have them returning to your web store to buy from you again.

We will meet your project goals


We design, develop and build sales making websites


What are the benefits of our Magento websites:

  • Our competitive prices, the cost of a Magento website design can vary but we always provide our clients with transparent and fixed quotations.
  • Our Magento experts provide you with a large selection of templates to choose from or we can create a bespoke home page design.
  • Within our price we will include hosting free for the 1st year.
  • All our web page creations are SEO friendly.
  • We will ensure your page and site speed are fully optimised.
  • Our designers can custom code any aspect of your site’s layout and functionality.
  • We can integrate any 3rd party extension.
  • Our Magento experts can setup payment gateway processing.
  • We will also add multiple shipping rules to your shop.

How we go about developing your store


Our Magento web design team will work hard to develop an exceptional design solution that will make your business grow. Our skilled CMS and shop designers work to create visual elements to match your current brand identity for example using colours and typography already in your logo which will make sure customers recognise your brand, this is a small but crucial part of the build and development process.


When starting to build your Magento store, planning and getting the structure completely correct is a very important part. The dedicated Magento specialist we assign you will always ensure that from the very beginning that the layout, navigation and search functions of your Magento website design are perfect and without any usability issues, but most importantly building you web pages that will make your customers want to shop with you over and over again.


Whilst our Magento designers are hard at work making your web pages look pretty a dedicated Magento developer from Prestige will be busy beavering away developing all the necessary functions that make your online shop and website pages run flawlessly, they will also be quality testing every aspect of your shop, so everything is working as it should be and resolving any issues along the way.

Clients we have worked with

Golf gifts for you

Below are just a sample of the features and services we offer when we design a Magento content management system website.

Clear navigation

Having a navigation that is well-defined is key to a smooth buying experience for customers. Our Magento specialists will work to find and build the most suitable and most simple, natural paths to all pages of your shop not only creating a clear track for your customers but also for the search engines too.

Responsive build

Most people are now shopping using mobile devices, so creating a seamless user experience for your customers who are on the move is crucial. Our Magento web designers create websites with every device in mind, making sure your shop looks the best whatever device your customers use.


Having your web pages and product pages layout perfect so every ounce of information is clearly visible and easily obtainable is an important factor when we create a Magento shop. Having a great layout will help to ensure you get those all-important sales.


When we develop your CMS pages our Magento front end developers will look to find the best possible catalogue structure to guarantee your customers are able to easily find products, categories and also information pages with ease and no fuss. Every shop we will build is made to ensure everything is reachable quickly.


Our Magento design experts know that having a checkout area that is streamlined and quick and easy for your customers to use is a big focus of our design and development process. We build Magento single page checkouts that reduce cart abandoning and increase sales.

Home page design

Creating a shop landing page that stands out and makes your customers want to see more is what our Magento 2 experts love to do. Our team research hard to establish what customer want to see when they first hit your home page. You will see with our home page designs are focussed on the perfect shopping experience.

We also provide support after your site has been created

Once we have completed the build of your Magneto website our work does not stop there, we offer all our customers free assistance for the 1st year so you can come to us for tweaks or quick training guides and after that we have tailored Magento support and help packages to suit all business types from general maintenance to upgrading to version 2.

Lets chat:

Contact one of our Magento website design experts to create an online shop solution that will not only look amazing but will function flawlessly and help your business thrive.

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