Magento security patch service

Our Magento security patch installation technicians are always available to run through any type of issue regarding safety and security that you may have with your eCommerce store, this can be from a hacking concern or to discuss and proceed with our full secure patch installation service.

Our quick and easy security patches assistance offers the following.

  • Magento 1.x security patch install.
  • Magento 2.x patches installation.
  • We will check the current state of your security patches.
  • Verify patches that have already been added.

Security is such a high priority when running an online business and having the latest patches installed to secure your store is a must.

Our service provides protection against hacking and critical issues


Magento 1 issues

If you think your shop is not secure and want to be upgraded to the latest version, then use our Magento 2 upgrade and update service to ensure site safety.

We will ensure all the latest patches are installed to your store


Let us worry about your website’s safety

Our Magento security patch installation service is normally completed within 3-4 hours and we cover the following tasks when doing so:

  • We will connect to your servers with details you have provided and confirm the info and your stores condition.
  • Our team will check for any patches that have all already been applied and also any extensions that have been installed and their current state.
  • Our technicians will run a full backup of all files that will be patched.
  • We will then upload and install all security patches that are required and needed to your store and work through any issues as we go along if any arise.
  • We will also patch all local overrides that were omitted during the patch installation process.
  • If required our team will also flush the PHP opcode cache to ensure changes have been updated.
  • Then we will go and resolve any compatibility issues that may occur once we have installed the security patches.
  • After double checking everything is working as it should and there are no further fixes needed, one of our dedicated patch developers will get in touch and notify you that the process has been completed and supply you with details of what was done and any issues we came across when running the Magento security install.

The latest available secure patches for 2019


The SUPEE-10888 patch contains many security enhancements that support close cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery plus many other vulnerabilities. This is available to the following Magento Commerce versions ( to and Magneto open source versions ( to

Magento 2.26 and 2.1.15 security update

This patch is again for Magento Commerce and open source users who have versions 2.26 and 2.1.15. This is similar to the SUPEE-10888 where it has several security improvements that will help close XSS and other weaknesses. This patch is only for stores that are on version 2.

What is a security patch?

A security patch is a bundle of updated and modified core files that work to fix specific security issues that have been discovered by Magento developers. It is a well-known fact that the latest versions already have the security fixes installed, so if you are running off the latest version then you can rest assured your eCommerce store is not open to many vulnerabilities. However, if you are not running on the latest version it is extremely wise to apply any available patches to your shop as you could be faced with critical security problems and your online shop may not be secure.

How can I check if my online store is secure?

  • Our Magento support and help specialists have tools that we can run your shop through to check if all of the available patches have been applied or if you have any common security issues that need addressing.
  • It is always advised and cannot be stressed enough that every online shop should ensure their patches are applied and all security issues are resolved and up to date because if your site becomes vulnerable then it can easily get in to the wrong hands.

What other things can I do to ensure my shop is secure?

Our security specialists advise the following:

  • It is best practice to have our team run a security audit at least every quarter or even once a month for larger eCommerce shops. If you have any new extensions installed or make any changes to your website, it is worth regularly having us perform a quick security audit to make sure there are no vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure you reset your admin and any other passwords that gain access to your shop at least every quarter or sooner for larger stores, especially if you have shared your shop access details with anyone.
How can my store be hacked?

Like desktop computers hackers can run a malicious code through your online shop to gain access to the backend area so they can create fake user admin accounts to control your store. Here are some examples that could mean you online store has been hacked and immediate action is required to secure it, and this is where you need to contact our security team for help ASAP.

  • “Your site has been Hacked” warning on search engines.
  • You may see uncharacteristic behaviour on the checkout page when running a test order.
  • You may notice spam keywords and links on your product listings and your other pages.
  • You may get notified from your hosting company that they are suspending your Magento shop due to malicious activities.
  • A change to files and folders within your database.
  • You may spot changes to the Magento core.
  • You will see unfamiliar session and admin users in the Magento backend.

Protection and safety are our forte

If you want the latest secure patches installed to your online shop, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Magento security patch installation team. We will be happy to assist you with any worries and get your store fully secure.

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