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We are an experienced Magento eCommerce agency, that offers a huge range of solutions that can accommodate the ever-changing challenges retailers face when selling online.

Magento commerce offers a variety of tools to help you take control of the look and performance of your website whilst delivering an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

Magento is the only content management system that is built as an eCommerce platform and created purely for online retailers. Below are just some of the features and tools this great software offers sellers.

  • Product categories
  • Fast single page checkout
  • Product pricing
  • Stock control
  • Bundled items
  • Shipping methods and costs
  • Product discounts
  • Discount codes and coupons
  • eCommerce reporting
  • Sales dashboard
  • Connectivity with 3rd part systems

Online stores from £2995

An example of a Magento eCommerce shop we designed


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Other services we offer with this platform:



Our agency offers a range of hosting suitable for your Magento eCommerce store from SSD cloud hosts to dedicated VPS servers with 99.9% uptime with fast support from our UK based team.



Our agency is here to help with any problems that arises after your store has been built with a selection of support packages. We can help with bug fixes, platform updates, patches and extension install’s plus any critical issues.



The Prestige agency has a team of qualified developers that specialize in the coding of web applications for building websites and have the skills to add custom coding to any type of Magento eCommerce store.



We have a variety of prices and packages available for designing a new store using this amazing eCommerce platform. Our agency offers competitive prices, quick turnaround and once complete a beautiful web store, our prices start from £5000.



If you are wanting to move from another Commerce platform to this easy to use software, why not let our agency process this for you. We have successfully migrated many online stores smoothly over with no glitches or data loss.


Latest version upgrades

Now should be the time to start planning to upgrade your business to the latest software version, it is a process that will need to be completed for all version 1 shops. Our agency is here to plan and manage the upgrading procedure from start to finish.


Web design

Do you wish to revamp an existing store front or would like a whole new shop built from scratch, then look no further and have a chat with one of our Magento agency specialists. We will work hard to create a shop front that wows and promotes your products, services and brand.



Security patches

Ensuring your online shop has the latest security updates is one of the most important parts of running an online business. If you store is vulnerable, then so can your customers details. Contact us and we will update all security patches and keep your site safe and secure.

A selection of features provided with the stores we design:


Our agency believes the key to running a successful online store is to know what is performing, what items are getting more views than others and seeing why people leave your shop without buying. Within this amazing platform you can run reports to give you these insights.Just some of the reports available are: total sales, low stock, abandoned cart, most viewed and best-sellers.

Order management

The Magento eCommerce software has developed an excellent order management system, the backend software enables you to handle out of stock orders and re-orders, partial shipments and order splitting, pre-sales and returns. This can help increase sales and reduce lost sales and resolve out of stock issues. Our Magento agency provides full training in how to use the backend as standard.

Promotional tools

When developing this software marketing was a big factor, it was developed so that it was easy for retailers to market products on the web by using built in modules and tools which are available in the marketplace. There is a solution to suit any type of organisation from simple email marketing, online polls, promotions or email triggers when a certain action is completed in store.

Shipping mangament

With the Magento eCommerce shopping cart, shipping is made very simple, there are many options available, so you can configure the postage charges you require, from free shipping, flat rate, table based or even integrating 3rd party extensions. Not every online business has the same shipping costs and methods that is why retailers can create your own rules and apply them accordingly.


You will find 1000’s of extensions available on the Magento marketplace website, some of which are free others are premium paid for. Extensions were created to enhance functionality, a customer’s shopping experience and help with managing products. Our Magento agency is more than happy to help and can advise you on what extensions to install and which would help make your online store more efficient and user friendly.


If you are looking to create an amazing shop front and you are finding the basic free themes are not quite achieving the look you want then you can visit the Magento marketplace as they have a huge selection of free and paid for themes which have been professionally designed,  they are all are extremely easy to customise, are responsive and  full of features and tools to help build a successful online store. Unsure which theme to choose? Our Magento eCommerce agency is here to assist.

Multiple payment options

Customer payment facilities are always a big concern when building your commerce store, you want to give buyers as many seamless different options as possible. This commerce software was created to enable retailers to integrate multiple payment options thus creating a better customer experience. There are a few highly recommended gateways for the Magento eCommerce software including PayPal, Braintree and WorldPay. Our agency can help choose the best payment provider suited to your business.


The Magento eCommerce CMS offers its users complete control over every functionality of your online shop. The CMS is a large part of this platform, as it gives businesses total control and allows you to add, view, edit and publish special offers, product descriptions, images and text to your pages and products. It is simple to use and our Magento agency will give you full instructions and guides on how to update and make changes.

Search facility for shoppers

Buyers are always looking for the easiest way to find items when browsing online. Offering your customers, a search facility where they can type in words or choose options like size, brand and categories will help make more sales. Our Magento ecommerce agency will source and install the best search extension available to suit your business and products.

Open source software

Open source is a software that anyone can download, share and modify as it has been designed to be accessible to the public. Magento eCommerce open source software is a free version of their platform that can be downloaded giving business the software to create an amazing web store. Contact our eCommerce agency if you need themes, extensions and plugins modified.

Cross selling options

Cross selling means offering related products or services that shoppers may be interested in when going through the checkout, this may trigger an impulse purchase. You have the options in the admin area to easily set up and add any item to these product blocks which will show up on the shopping cart page. Unsure of how to use this section get in touch with our agency and we will create your cross-sell product blocks for you.

Search engine optimisation

The Magento eCommerce platform has been created with SEO in mind, by giving retailers the ability to have SEO friendly URL’s, adding of a site map, custom-built product meta titles and descriptions, which will help people find your products online. Our agency can show you how to get the most out of the different SEO options available with in-depth analytical reports, to get a better insight into how your visitors and customers found your store.

We can migrate your website from Version 1 to Version 2.

3 years ago, a retailer came to our agency to have a brand-new website built using this platform, you can see the end result on the left below this text and this was created using software version 1. He then approached us 12 months ago and asked if we would migrate his store to Version 2 and the result is on the right.

Version 1


Version 2



What is Magento?

It is one of the worlds leading eCommerce platforms that has been built exclusively for store owners that want to sell their products online, approximately 200,000 retailers use this CMS commerce software because of its flexibility and robust features and it also has a simple interface that provides a huge variety of tools, themes, plugins and extensions to help merchants succeed when selling their products online. The Magento commerce software offers high performance and is completely scalable and has different versions and editions available which are the Magento community edition and the Magento enterprise edition.

Customising your design has never been so easy and this superb platform has been developed with shoppers experience in mind as well as helping owners to create a unique look and feel, if you are unsure about building a shop yourself get in touch with our Magento agency as we can create a standout eCommerce store for you that has the wow factor and will make you sales.

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What is Magento enterprise?

Magento enterprise edition, is a premium paid for version which is designed for companies that feel the community edition in not adequate. It is best suited for larger online stores that require more technical features and have the need for more customised options. The yearly cost for this is approximately £12000 however you do get full support from the Magento commerce team via telephone and email. Plus, you will receive updates, special features, and product enhancements exclusive to the enterprise edition only.

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What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is the newest version of this CMS platform. M2 as it is sometimes known offers even more updated tools for advanced marketing, SEO and catalogue-management. They have also made it easier with this version to have even more control over the look, content and functionality of your online store. Here are a few new features that are included in Magento 2: Full page caching, 50% faster page load speeds, tightened security, optimal marketing and analytical tools, hmtl 5, CSS pre-processor.

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What is Magento community edition?

Magento community edition is an open source platform where you can download and build a website completely free of charge, this is ideal for small businesses, start-up retailers or people just starting out using the Magento shopping cart. You will have free access to the community who are there to help you build your store and advise you on the correct plugins, themes and tools to use to get the best out of your customers shopping experience.

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How long have you been working with the this software?

Our Magento agency has been working with this platform for many years and have built many Magento eCommerce websites for our clients which can be viewed upon request.

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Why can I not use normal cloud hosting for my website?

You can use cloud hosts for your Magento eCommerce store, however, you need to source a hosting company that will ensure the speed of your website is not affected, some cloud hosts are extremely fast but you do not want to risk visitors leaving your store due to slow page loading. Our Magento eCommerce agency can advise you on the best type of hosting for your business from efficient cloud hosting to dedicated servers.

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What is Magento marketplace?

This is the one stop shop to source free and paid for extensions, themes and tools to improve the features and functionality of your online shop. It was created so retailers and Magneto agencies can source the appropriate extensions that can help any online store thrive. All extensions and themes are trusted, and all reviewed before featuring on the Magento Marketplace to ensure when building a Magento commerce store only the highest quality options are available.

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Want to find out more?

If you need more information regarding this platform or would like to talk to our Magento eCommerce agency about migrating your shop over to this software or just want a brand new website then get in touch with us today!

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