What is SEO and how does it work in 2019?

The definition of search engine optimisation is the services or techniques used by an SEO agency or company to improve a websites organic rankings on the search engines. Getting a web page to the top of Google can be worth £millions of pounds to some companies!

Google, Bing and Yahoo and the other search engines have created a search results ranking system where by websites, images, videos, articles, blog posts and local listings are all given a page rank. This is based on how relevant the search engine thinks your content is to visitors when they are searching for words and phrases.

Make money online by having your business on the first page of Google

Our team of digital marketing experts have the tools and techniques to optimise your website and its content to ensure your business is getting seen via the organic search results which in turn will improve leads and sales.

Each search engine has specific guidelines that they require every website to adhere too, to reach page 1. We will work to ensure your website meets Google’s and other search engines guidelines, using a method called “on page SEO” where we optimise pages, develop an SEO friendly website, work on the URL structure, write meta data, h-tag titles that are keyword rich, look at keyword density and internal linking plus more, we will also provide reports detailing how and what we have done to get your website ranking.

Guaranteed results from our professional SEO agency!

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The benefits of SEO

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Help improve return on investment
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Have a user-friendly website
  • Better UX (user experience)
  • Boost your companies’ credibility
  • Increase sales and leads
  • Achieve top ranking get 24/7 advertising
  • Can break you in to new markets
  • Increases the value of your business
  • Improves safety and security of your website
  • Get your business mobile

SEO Tips for 2019

  • Choose you keywords and phrases carefully
  • Research your competitors
  • Write unique content
  • Do not keyword stuff
  • Add meta titles and descriptions to ALL pages
  • Add internal links
  • Make your navigation simple
  • Improve your site speed
  • Set up Google analytics
  • Work with Google search console
  • Make your URL’s SEO friendly
  • Ensure your site is do follow

You can find out more about the search engine optimisation services we can offer by clicking the images below:


Local SEO

Let us manage your local SEO, we have years of experience in this sector with great results. People are now turning to online search engines to find local businesses. Promoting your business in your local area is a must, if you are a shop or an office you need to show people where you are and that you are available to visit. Let us optimize your website using our local search engine optimisation service so you can rank for a local audience which will help increase traffic and ROI.


eCommerce SEO

Our agency also provides eCommerce SEO services which aim to get your products onto the first page of Googles search engine to bring you more converting traffic and therefore an increase in sales. Writing unique meta titles and adding unique content to your product pages could see your organic rankings increasing and your company making new sales within days! We believe we are one of the top SEO agencies for ranking products online.



As well as explaining ‘what is SEO’ on this page we can also carry out an SEO audit and analysis of your websites pages. Once we have conducted our audit we will send you a report detailing what can be done to improve your sites organic rankings and bring you more visitors. Our audit prices start from £595 but we have various packages available to suit all types of budgets. Our audit checks for site issues, missing meta data, backlinks and much more.


On page SEO

There are various techniques used when performing SEO on websites of which some are correct others are not. We use On-page SEO to get the results our clients are looking for. Our SEO services provide extensive keyword research, optimizing your pages for both customer and search engines, working with title and meta tags, meta descriptions, adding internal links and ensuring your design is SEO friendly in all aspects. A full report of the work we have completed will be supplied.



Our SEO agency also provides website optimisation consultancy. Our experts can talk you through the different options you have available to get your website ranking on the search engines. We will be honest and open in what we will do for your company and we will discuss how we will get your website visible online where it makes sense for your business or products. If you would like us to provide search engine optimisation advice for your website, get in touch today.



Are you looking for an SEO copywriter? Get in touch with our experts, we offer an affordable copywriting service which will get results. Having great content on your website is extremely important, it not only engages with your visitors but can also help increase business. When writing for SEO purposes it involves research, it needs to be comprehensive and captivating and we also understand that visitors do not want to read too much so we ensure your web copy is brief but to the point.



Our SEO company is all about results and we love seeing our clients get top rankings from our hard work and proven techniques. SEO is an extremely complex task and it has taken our SEO company years to master the correct methods that sees websites with increased traffic, sales and rankings. We have many available packages and our prices start from £395 per month. Let us examine your website and we will let you know what search engine optimisation package we think your need to achieve top rankings.


Keyword reasearch

Out team of research experts will thoroughly investigate what keywords are suitable and worth targeting for your business. We do this by discovering what people have typed in to search engines, what keywords your competitors are targeting, and which terms will bring organic traffic that converts in to sales. We have many search engine optimisation tools available that we use to ensure you are targeting the correct keywords. Why not have a chat with one of our SEO experts today to find out how we can help.


Google Analytics

Tracking your rankings is extremely important and this is where Google analytics becomes very useful, it is a tool that Google offers for free for people to keep track of the following; how many visitors, the keywords they typed in, if the search results are organic, how long visitors have spent on your web page which is also known as bounce rate, you can also see where your visitors have come from. This great tool gives you an insight on your traffic and what you are being found for on Google which can then help you find your “money” keywords and phrases.


Do you use white hat techniques?

White hat SEO means that the techniques an SEO agency or person is performing on a website is the correct methods and in accordance with search engines rules and guidelines. If white hat SEO is performed on your website, you will get the rankings you are looking for.

Do you use black hat techniques?

Black hat SEO is a much riskier way to perform search engine optimisation, you may get results short term but in the long run, major search engines will penalise websites that do not adhere to the correct SEO terms of service, examples of black hat techniques are keyword stuffing, hidden pages, text or links, cloaking, article spinning, duplicate content or buying links. If you are being offered any of these services, then please think twice as they may get you results but your website could be dropped from the SERPS once the likes of Google and Bing discover the techniques used. Beware there are SEO agencies out there that are happy to use this method, but our SEO company never uses these techniques, EVER!

What about backlinks and link building?

Buying backlinks or deliberate link building is a quick way to obtain a link profile as naturally gaining links is a slow process, however buying links is not best practice and all the major search engines frown upon this method. Our SEO company does not offer a link building service but on some occasions where we are targeting a competitive phrase we may require a few links that are very related and relevant to help boost rankings, but we will never buy backlinks or promote this technique EVER.

Do I need a new website for SEO?

It really does depend on the quality of your current website, if it has been built to a pretty good standard that we can work with you to improve rankings then no you will not need a new site but if your current site is not quite up to scratch visually and content wise then it would be worth looking at an upgrade which we can assist you with.

Why are H-tags important?

H-Tags or header tags should always be added to a page or post, they are the titles/sub headings of pages and posts which tells search engines and visitors what the content is relating to. On a page the first H-tag should always be a <H1> this is your main header explaining what the page/post is, the next H-tag should be <H2> and <H3> so on and so on.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is text that has been copied from one webpage to another and this can be very detrimental to rankings, so when Google for example crawls websites and finds duplicate content it will ignore the page that is sees as duplicate and will not show it in their search results. You must always ensure your text is original but if for any reason you are not sure we have a tool that checks for duplicate content on websites and that is one of the first things we do when analysing a sites pages.

Can you supply references?

We are more than happy to supply you with references, upon request we will supply you with the website we have worked on and our clients contact telephone number or email. Feel free to contact any one of our references and they will be happy to give you their feedback on our company and SEO services.

What about internal links?

Internal links are a great way to inter link pages on your site that are related to each other. It helps with navigation and order of dominance and ranking power across the site. We strongly recommend doing this when it makes sense to.

What does the term SERPs mean?

SERP is an anacronym that stands for search engine results page. These are the pages that show up when someone types in a search query into Google, these could be keywords or phrases or a specific term and a SERP is the end result.

Do I need to meet you in person when having a consultation?

Some SEO companies offer face to face meetings, but we do not feel this is necessary, all correspondence can be via telephone or email.

Can you guarantee my site will get number 1 rankings?

The honest answer is no, nothing is guaranteed when performing search engine optimisation, but we will implement our methods and techniques and then it’s up to Google and the other various search engines to decide if your website is worthy of top rankings, however our methods have been very successful over the years.  If other SEO companies claim they can guarantee to get you to number 1 of the Google search results our advice is to steer well clear as it is not guaranteed and the final decision always lies with the search engines themselves.

Do you have examples of previous page 1 rankings you have gained?

Yes we do, if you type Scaffolding Chichester in to google search and bypass the Google ads (PPC) and the Map listings (however you will notice the same company is at the top of the map listings) You will see Chichester Scaffolding at the top for the term “Scaffolding Chichester” our SEO company has been able to maintain their number 1 rankings on page 1 for the last 5 years.

Another example is a Scaffolding supplies company who sell scaffolding boards, they wanted to rank for used scaffold boards and if you type that term in to Google you will see they are currently 7th on page 1 for that term.

Another example is our sister company Mays. If you type in web design Chichester, you will see they are 3rd in the organic searches for this term which is a highly competitive term to get rankings for but we have be able to maintain 3rd on this page for the previous 3 years.

We hope we have answered the question “what is SEO”

But if you require more information about our search engine optimisation services that we provide then contact our SEO agency today to see your website climbing the organic search engine rankings.