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At Prestige we offer an unbeatable SEO consultant and advice service for anyone seriously wanting to improve their rankings on Google. We have a highly driven team of search engine optimisation advisors that can provide you with all that you need to know on how to get your business achieving a strong presence on the main search engines like Google and Bing. Our experts can also perform any SEO works technical or otherwise that you wish to be completed and do not wish to undertake yourself. Why not get in touch with us today and do the following:

  • Have a consultation with our professionals.
  • Try and implement the work yourself.
  • Or save time and hire our SEO marketing experts to do it all for you.

Did you know your site will be 99% invisible to users if you are not on page 1 or 2 of Google!


It is said that 75% of people do not go past page 1 when searching online!


So, why have you found yourself wanting to chat with one of our SEO experts?

There are many reasons why clients come to us for our specialist consulting and SEO services. Here are some of the main reasons below:

  • Does your business website fail to reach page 1 on search engines?
  • Do you want to gain higher visibility on organic searches?
  • Do you have a particular SEO issue that needs addressing?
  • Do you want open and honest feedback on your current campaign?
  • Would like an experienced SEO consultant to perform a website search engine optimisation audit?
  • Are you new to SEO and want someone to give you expert advice on the best action to take?

Our skilled team of specialists are here to help your business reach its online goals and much more. We want your business to thrive online, so we know we have done our job well!

What is our approach to Search engine optimisation?

Our team of SEO experts are extremely meticulous in what they do – firstly we would run an analysis and assessment of your website in its current state and detect any issues, weaknesses and strengths. Below is a list of some of the areas we will check:

On-site optimisation

What has already been optimised and has it been completed correctly?


How does your content read, is it informative or spammy?


We will check what keywords you have used and make sure they are relevant to your business.


We will also check to see what backlinks you have (if any) and the quality of these.

On establishing the above, an SEO consultant from Prestige will then discuss with you their findings and work out a strategy to move your website forward in the rankings. We will consult with you on the following:

  • Provide advice on what keywords we can rank your website for that are pertinent and profitable.
  • Create online credibility of your brand and website.
  • Increase visitors to your website and turn them in to conversions.

You do not get success with SEO overnight!

Any person or company that can actually give you guarantees on short term success when performing SEO needs to be vetted by you. Our SEO experts have established this from years of experience in this field, that it takes time to achieve top rankings and for your business website to stay there.

Over the years some people have performed what is called Black hat SEO and although sometimes it gives quick success it is not the correct way and does not adhere to how Google expects a website to perform. Google is extremely quick to ban or penalise any website that is attempting to do this.

With our SEO plans we take things slow and ensure that as many boxes are ticked on Googles guidelines. Depending on what is needed on your website our advisors will implement changes in phases to see how the first changes perform and then go back and tweak where necessary until we get the desired results.

Why let us do it for you?

Increase traffic

Attract visitors to your websites pages with relevant content and turn them in to customers.

Save your time

Let our expert team solve your SEO problems for you, we help your business grow by saving you time.

Increase turnover

Our SEO methods and techniques will guarantee you an increase in your revenue.


My site has been penalised are you able to help me resolve this?

Yes of course we can, our SEO specialists will work hard to see why your website has first been penalised then rectify the issue and then work to improve your rankings. However, this will not be a quick fix as Google decides when it wants to rank your site and unfortunately nothing can change this however with the methods our experts perform, these will ensure Google will trust your site once again eventually.

How much to you charge to run a campaign?

If you decide that you would like us to perform SEO on your website after our consultation, then our prices start from as little as £495 upfront and then from £200 monthly going forward. These are guide prices only and it depends on the work and type of campaign we undertake. All costings will be confirmed prior to any work beginning.

Do you always follow Googles guidelines?

Yes, we do there is no point in trying to do anything other than work to Googles guidelines. Our work is honest and open and more important effective, and we never stray from this EVER!

What are your SEO consulting prices?

For consulting on your webpages only we charge £125 per hour or a fixed fee of £495. You will have an expert SEO consultant to give you key advice on your online businesses performance and how to improve it. Our prices for an SEO consult depend on how much consulting time you require.

Need advice? Or are you ready to hire an expert and get your website page one rankings?

Contact the Prestige SEO consultant team today and get valuable advice on how to improve your websites rankings or even better let us do all the hard work for you, freeing up your time to run your business. Sit back and watch your website succeed with our specialist SEO services.

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