Local SEO services

If you are wanting your business to target a local audience, then why not take advantage of our local SEO services. If it is an increase in local customers, you are after then it is important to improve your businesses visibility locally within search results.

It is a fact that 92% of users will only pick businesses on the 1st page of local search results. For example, someone looking for a “electrician in London” will search for that phrase in Google. Below are the most common steps a user will take:

  • The user will only look at the first page of results.
  • They will view two or three websites.
  • Then they will decide on what electrician to go with.

Can your business afford not to be ranking locally on Page 1 for search terms? This is where our local SEO team can help you get your business where it needs to be to get those local enquiries or sales in.





What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a way of helping your businesses rank locally for relevant search terms within your own local area. For example, you may have found this website because you were searching for SEO London?

It is all about the following:

  • Improving search rankings for terms that do not include a location, but which are shown to a user based on their settings and preferences.
  • Communicating to Google the local relevance of your website and its pages.
  • Increasing your local presence to show search engines that your business is one of the best for people locally to use.

Did you know that these days a whopping 97% of users search the web to find a local business? Now you have got to be crazy not to want a piece of that? Gone are the days of flicking through the Yellow pages to contact a local company.

How our experts can help!

So, what do our local SEO specialists actually do to get your business website to page one of Google and other search engines? Below is just a small sample of what our local SEO services include:

Local On- page optimisation

Ensuring your pages embody your local profile. Address details and information on the local services you offer and the areas you cover are of high importance.

Google my business

An essential tool for all businesses to use, this will help build your presence locally on Google just by creating this free business listing.

Local citations

Listing your business details on decent local directories can help immensely. We will submit your details to our vetted list of places.

Local link building

Getting your business spoken about online is crucial, our SEO team will work with you to get people talking about your business locally.

Questions we have been asked:

How much do you charge to perform Local SEO?

This depends on a few different factors (stated below)

  • The type of business you are.
  • The current state of your website.
  • Keywords/phases you would want to rank locally for.

Each business has different requirements and this needs to be taken in to consideration when pricing such a job, so why not send us your web address and details about your business and we will be able to advise you on our 2019 costings.

What kind of business should use your service?

Any service provider or retailer that wants to increase their presence online in their local area.

Can customer reviews help with ranking locally?

Yes, very much so, get as many online reviews as possible from your clients and please ensure they are the real deal, Google can spot a fake review from a real one and that could affect your local rankings.

Can you perform local SEO without a website?

Yes, but it does not have quite the same effect, having a web page will increase your presence as you can target your preferred location on your pages so it will give you more options for ranking. Without a website all you can do is create a Google my business listing and hope your competitors do not outperform you with local SEO.

Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts about local SEO.

  • 88% of potential customers that search local business on mobile devices either visit the business or call them within 24 hours of searching online.
  • 80% of consumers use the internet when the need to find a service or product locally.
  • 3 out of 4 UK people purchase products and services online.
  • 70% of buyers visit a store based on the information they find on the internet.
  • On average a consumer will read around 7 reviews to create an opinion about your business.

So, looking at these facts and statistics it is resoundingly clear that nearly all consumers use local searches on a regular basis to find local products and services. If you have not yet optimised your business for local search you are really missing out on a big opportunity to increase your turnover online! Get in touch with a professional local seo consultant and specialist here at Prestige to get your business found locally.

Do you think your business could benefit from our services?

We would love to chat with you about our local SEO service and how we can help improve your rankings locally as we know once your business reaches page one you will reap the benefits of increased traffic, enquiries and sales.

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