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Our team at Prestige are well known for being Joomla experts, we not only build fantastic websites, but we help businesses make the most out of this CMS software.

Once you have had a website built by Prestige you will find that Joomla is an easy platform to manage and maintain, it has been said that this Content Management System (CMS) runs ten percent of the worlds sites and has so far been downloaded approx. 85 million times and averages approximately 1million downloads each month.

So, what is Joomla? Joomla translated means “all together” in Swahili. This powerful open-source CMS platform was first released in 2005 for publishing content online and it is classed as one of the more popular website software’s around and has a huge international community of volunteers and developers. The community work hard to ensure that this CMS platform is responsive, user friendly, multilingual, easily available and capable of being extended so websites owners can get the most of out of this software

Why use Joomla?

  • Choice of multiple free and paid templates.
  • You can create unlimited pages and posts.
  • It has a simple and easy to use page editor.
  • You can translate into various languages.
  • It has a powerful search feature.
  • You can show your customers feedback.
  • It can be integrated with your social media pages.
  • You can add different types of content to pages.
  • You can also interact live with your visitors.
  • Track and analyse your online traffic.
  • Media manager – so you can manage images, videos, audio and documents.
  • Configure Ads and affiliate sections – so you’ll be able to generate more revenue with adverts.
  • Adaptable on all mobile devices.

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Our experienced experts can help with any of the below and more:


Upgrades and Migrations

If you are running on a much older version of Joomla and would like to upgrade to the latest version which is currently 3.8.12 as of 2019 then get in touch with our skilled Joomla experts who have years of experience in this content management system. They can make easy work of upgrading or migrating your site over from another platform.


Web Design

Our Joomla CMS experts have over 12 years’ experience when it comes to using this open source software and our team have worked on Joomla projects of all sizes. We believe it is an ideal choice of platform for any business or organisation that wants an easy to use, fully functional, great looking site. Have a chat with our Joomla experts to find out more.



We offer all our client’s training and consultancy on how to use and make the most out of their Joomla website. We provide step by step guides and crib sheets with images to learn from, teaching you how to add, edit, upload photos and delete items. Why not checkout the training packages we currently provide and get yourself clued up on this great CMS software?



There are many extensions available to enable an ecommerce store to be built using the Joomla CMS platform. Our Joomla experts are here to advise and guide you through the best options for selling your products online. For more information on the current eCommerce extensions available and what they offer please click on the image above or contact one of our consultants.



Are you having problems with your Joomla site? Do you need something added or removed from your website? Let our skilled teams of Joomla experts do the work for you and resolve any issues. Our consultants provide paid help and support for the following; upgrades, cleaning up hacked websites, adding, editing and removing content or installing extensions plus much more.


Template / Extension Customisation

Joomla has a huge selection of templates and extensions available. All of which are easy to customise and are responsive. At Prestige we can install, customise and develop any template or extension to suit your brand. One of our favourite templates we use is called Flex, it has many different layout options to choose from and looks great, our top current extension is Quix a drag and drop editor.

A sample of the features this platform provides:


To enable your site to go live on the internet you require a top-notch hosting service. At Prestige we will add your website to our fast and secure UK based cloud server for as little as £75 per year. You will get quick support, daily back-ups and 99.9% uptime.


When developing a Joomla CMS website, we ensure security is our top priority. If your site does get hacked, our Joomla experts are on hand resolve any security breach on your site fast. Our consultants will also provide advice for securing your site going forward.


Do you want to add an image gallery or portfolio to your Joomla CMS? There are many gallery extensions that allow you to simply add photo’s, videos and documents to your website. Not sure which one to choose? Our skilled designers have a vast knowledge on what gallery is the best to use.

Event calendars

An event calendar extension helps you add events, promotions and special days for your visitors or users to view. These types of calendars are useful for universities, schools, yoga classes, bands, art exhibitions plus many more. Popular calendar extensions for Joomla are JEvents and Event Booking.

Contact forms

Offer your visitors a simple and easy way to contact you on your Joomla site. Our skilled experts will install the latest contact form extension and then customise it to suit your needs. You can have lightbox pop-up forms, sliding forms, drop down field options and file attachments.


Sitemaps are an integral part of any website as it allows visitors and Google see how many pages you have on your site and the navigational structure. JSitemap is currently our preferred choice and when building your site our Joomla experts will install and generate a sitemap for you.

SEO & Analytics

Sh404SEF is one of the most popular Joomla extensions when it comes to SEO and analytics, it allows you to redirect URLs, add meta data to pages, remove duplicate URLs, works with Google analytics and Google tag manager. Let our experts configure this extension to help improve search rankings.


Ensuring your menus and navigation are compatible on all browsers and devices is important and our team of Joomla experts can assist you with this. We currently prefer to use an extension called JUX mega menu as it offers flexible layouts, drop down menus where you can add text, images and articles. The JUX mega menu extension is fully customisable.

Live chat

Interact with your website visitors by getting our Joomla designers to add the popular live chat extension ActiveHelper. This extension allows you to start chatting with your visitors straightaway, you can answer any questions or queries they may have using the ActiveHelper live chat pop up, it is so much quicker than email or telephone.


It is always advisable to have more than one back-up of your Joomla site and by installing an extension called Akeeba back-up you can back-up and restore with a single click. It can run in multiple formats and you can set permissions plus more. Our Joomla CMS experts can install and configure the Akeeba back-up extension for you if required.


If you want to add location maps to your new Joomla CMS then our Joomla experts would recommend an extension called My maps, this extension allows you to add Google or Bing maps to any page or post. My maps is fully responsive, has various types of display methods and allows you to pinpoint locations and show latitude and longitude info.

Image and video sliders

Making sliders for your Joomla CMS site has never been so simple. Using an extension called Smart slider 3 you can upload and showcase images or videos and you can also use Smart slider 3’s built-in templates to create different styles and add multiple sliders to your site. Let our skilled Joomla team upload and integrate this extension to your website.

Some helpful tips and questions answered in the below section:

What is Joomla and how does it work?

Joomla is an open source CMS software made up of framework and extensions. There are many kinds of extensions each carrying out individual tasks and some come with the Joomla core, but others can be installed and added if you require a certain feature. This software is very similar to something like Microsoft Windows where you do not use the system itself, but you use the applications within the system (the extensions) on Joomla to complete the build of your website.

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What is Joomla written in?

This CMS platform is written in PHP and uses MySQL database to store content.

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What is Joomla used for?

Joomla is a CMS platform that designers and developers use to build websites. You can use this software to create many different types of websites including:

  • A simple single page brochure style for a Yoga business.
  • A 3-page website for a builder with a case study section.
  • A photographic website with multiple public galleries and private gallery sections for clients to view their photos before ordering.
  • A fully functional eCommerce shop for a large clothing brand that requires 1000’s of products to be uploaded and managed.
  • Corporate, intranets and portal websites.
  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Online booking websites.
  • Government, Charities and Organisations.
  • Schools, universities and church communities.
  • Plus, every other industry you can imagine.

Built in the correct way Joomla can run any size and type of business website, why not see what our Joomla experts can do for you.

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What is better Joomla, WordPress or Drupal?

Content management systems are becoming very popular and trying to choose the right platform can be confusing and daunting. There are so many open source CMS options out there, and the question of WordPress vs Joomla vs the Drupal content management system has been a popular discussion for many years.

All three CMS platforms are open source and free to use, they all do the same thing which is allow you to build a website and manage it. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages and own unique features but primarily they all offer the same service. It is extremely difficult to say which software is better than the other.

It all depends on your personal business requirements and which CMS you work better with, some of our clients have used Joomla for years and love the way it works and find it a breeze to manage, others would never touch Joomla and opt for WordPress or Drupal time and time again it is all down to personal preference. As a developer we find that all three software’s are equally good and easy to work with but again some of our team prefer Drupal and others prefer to use Joomla and others the WordPress software.

A little helpful fact:

Did you know: If you combine Drupal, Joomla and WordPress they make up approx. 71% of the content management system market.

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If you feel that Joomla is the software, you would like to use for your new website design project then our experienced Joomla experts here at Prestige are ready to start building your dream website today.


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