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At prestige our in-house Drupal developers and web designers have been creating websites using this CMS platform for many years, we have a wide range of clientele from organisations, finance companies, bloggers and from nearly every other business sector.

This CMS software is open source and available for anyone to use with out having to pay for a licence fee, this in turn allows you to keep to your budget on the design, layout, content and SEO for your business.

This CMS software is continually being extended and has a huge support system in the community and below are just some of the statistics and benefits relating to this software:

  • Powers over 1million sites.
  • Has 112,184 users actively contributing.
  • There were 3,590 comments in just one week.
  • It’s a CMS – so you can add, edit and amend yourself.
  • 100’s of themes to choose from.
  • 1000’s of modules to install.
  • It is mobile ready – a must in this digital age.

Some of the benefits of using Prestige

  • Over 20 years of experience of PHP.
  • UK based Drupal web development and design team.
  • Over 400 websites built.
  • Bespoke design to suit your business and brand.
  • We have written thousands of lines of code.
  • We offer very competitive prices.
  • We provide a rapid turn-around time.
  • Specialists in developing Drupal sites.

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Drupal 8

Version 8 of Drupal is by far is the most powerful yet and our Drupal developers love working with it. When we are developing new websites our agency now installs version 8 as default. If you need assistance with the installation and development of your new site then why not let our team of CMS experts get you up and running by building you an amazing site using all the new features Drupal 8 has to offer?


What is Drupal

Drupal is one of the top open source platforms when it comes to content management systems and runs millions of sites across the world. This software is a Drupal developers dream, it uses PHP, HTML 5 and YAML standards and has some of the best web technology around to ensure that users have everything they need within this CMS without installing many plugins or modules. For more information about this content management system click the image above.



This is an innovative software that mixes commerce and content whilst making an engaging online experience that can bring you increased traffic and more sales. It has an extensive list of features from multi-currency, simple cart and check out forms, it also comes mobile ready and connects straight to your social media platforms. If you need trusted Drupal developers to develop your commerce store, get in touch with us today for a free quote.



Drupal takes its security measures seriously and have proven results that their content management system and frameworks can withstand the most critical online vulnerabilities. This platform has been coded and tested by security conscious Drupal developers to ensure this software is robust. That is why this CMS is trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations, brands and governments.



If you require fast and efficient hosting for your Drupal web design, our experienced staff can help you with all your web hosting needs. We provide Drupal migrations, cloud hosting, Linux and Windows VPS servers, Drupal stack assistance, support, 99.9% uptime, fast deployment time and the latest in SSD storage. For a secure, seamless host contact the Prestige Drupal agency.



Do you need help with your Drupal software? Do you have core issues, functionality or even content issues? Then get in touch with one of our experienced Drupal web developers, our team have the skills, knowledge and tools to tackle any Drupal development problem from tricky PHP matters to custom coding concerns, they can help with it all and get your website back up and in working order in no time whatsoever.



Do you want to learn how to manage and use your Drupal website? At Prestige we offer a variety of different training packages with simple and easy to follow guides and instructions. Our Drupal developers have worked hard to create simple manuals and mentoring sessions so that anyone can gain experience and learn Drupal’s best practices and standards.



Come to us for a friendly and informative consultation on your Drupal project. Our consultants and Drupal developers will work closely with you to assist with turning your ideas of the perfect website development for your business or organisation into an innovative, fully functioning, user focused Drupal site that will increase your online presence.



Do you need to migrate your site from running locally on your pc to a webhost? Or do you want to migrate your website from another platform? Or even from one host to another? For our migration specialists all the above comes easy. Our Drupal CMS developing team will run backup’s and ensure all your sites content is always copied over whatever type of migration you need.



Do you have an older version of this CMS platform and would like to upgrade it to the latest version 8? This is what is classed as a major version change. Why not leave it to our expert upgrading team who have the skills and tools to do the following; prepare your site for upgrade, chose the correct upgrade approach and successfully complete the upgrade.


Themes and templates

Our teams of Drupal developers have an extensive collection of the best and latest versions of themes and templates to use when developing your site, just ask our Drupal agency for examples. Using themes or templates allows you to have any look and feel you want. We can customise any template to fit your style and business model.

Tracking and statistics

You will find many 3rd party tracking modules available to upload to your Drupal site. They can include the following tracking options; real time data analysis, showing how often a page is viewed, referrer URL (the last page the visitor came from), who viewed the page & IP address. We can install and customise these tools for your Drupal website design at any time.


A module is like a plugin or extension, it offers anyone developing or using a Drupal website a selection of different options and assistance to help develop the perfect site. Our Drupal developers can advise you on the best ones to use for your build. Our top most installed modules are, Chaos tool suite, Token, Pathauto & Libraries API.

Search facility

The Drupal search module offers users the facility to search for certain content on your web pages. Visitors can search for both users and specific words, there are also filter options, exclusionary search and advanced searches. Let our Drupal developers enable the search module on to your modules page to allow for a better UI (user interface).


A cron is an important feature to have when developing your website. It is a multitasking operation system that runs specific jobs behind the scenes. It is extremely vital that this is correctly installed to your website because when working correctly it assists in site maintenance, updates to Drupal core and modules. Ask one of our web development team about setting up cron for your website.


Drupal offers an SEO tool module that is free to integrate on any site, it is an all in one suite of analysis and reporting tools for search engine optimisation. If you are looking for a tool that offers keyword research, content optimisation and link management than why not ask one of our friendly Drupal developers to integrate this module on your site.


Another great tool and feature to use is the Panels module, it allows admins to design layouts for multiple users. It has a drag and drop content manager with allows you to create layouts within layouts. If this is something that you think would suit your website, then our Drupal agency are here to help with the install and the designing of any layouts required.


Do you have multiple sites that you would like to manage under one single codebase? Well the Drupal website design software has this feature automatically installed in every version, it allows you to work with many sites all with their own data base, files and domain in one place. If you are unsure of how to set this up our development team can get this configured for you.


A node is a piece of content, for example a page, blog post or topic. Every piece of content on Drupal websites are stored as node’s. The node module comes as default when this platform is installed. We can provide assistance on how to use nodes when using your web site, our Drupal developers will show you how to administer content with nodes.


If you want to manage times and events, the Drupal calendar is a popular module to use. It shows date views in a calendar format and has the option of switching between year, monthly and daily view and it works alongside the date module using its many functionalities. We can install both modules and configure the calendars to your website.


A taxonomy is a core module that is similar to categories, tags or metadata. If gives you the option of connecting, relating and classifying your websites content. The use of taxonomy’s come in to play when developing menu’s and navigation structures. Unsure of how to use taxonomies on your site? Our Drupal development agency can set these up to suit.


Drupal CMS offers a core media module that has an extendable framework for the management of files and multimedia even if the files are hosted elsewhere. Offer your visitors interaction with media sources like images, YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts. If you would like this module configured to your site, why not contact our Drupal PHP developers who can help.


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