Published: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Greeting Card eCommerce Development

Our greeting card website developers were contacted by a small business called Tomcat cards, as they wanted us to design an eCommerce store for selling their card and calendar products, however this was not a normal run of the mill ecommerce store, the owners required the following for their online shop:

  • A place where the general public can visit the website and purchase cards and calendars.
  • An area where trade or wholesale customers purchase products.
  • A registration form for trade and wholesale customers to apply for a trade account which the client would then approve.
  • A dedicated login area for trade customers where they can review the items and pricing levels which will be different to the retail side.
  • They also wanted to the ability so show customers prices inclusive and exclusive of VAT.
  • The owners also wanted to be able to raise and send invoices via their website.
  • Add a Wishlist for consumers to use.
  • The website needed to be available on all mobile devices.

Websites for retailers of greeting cards

We advised that using WordPress along with the eCommerce web design plugin WooCommerce would suit their website requirements. Tomcat cards had previous experience with using WordPress and they felt confident in using this software for their new shop. The Tomcat project began, and our designers completed the following tasks:

  • Our hosting team added the Tomcat greeting cards domain to our cloud server and created an email address for the client and installed WordPress to the site.
  • Our greeting card website developers then went on to configure settings in WordPress, upload and integrate WooCommerce and construct the categories which included various card artists and product categories, so all products could show for example in an artist section and in a card section.
  • We then used a bulk uploader to insert all of the products to the website as there were 500 products to add in total.
  • This client sold their product globally, so we were required to add multiple shipping options using Royal Mails worldwide zone charges for retail customers and Yodal prices for trade consumers. We also set up free delivery for trade customers who spend over a certain amount.
  • On each product we added space for a single product image to be uploaded with zoom and enlarge option and an area where a SKU number can be added.
  • Our developers then installed a plugin which was configured to show VAT, we set this up as follows:
  • EU retail clients could see the prices including VAT.
  • Retail customers outside of the EU would see prices excluding VAT.
  • Trade customers would see the price excluding VAT and then the final invoice would show the VAT liability and distributors outside the EU see and pay the price without VAT.
  • We then set up 3 payment options for the greeting cards site and these were for: 1. Retail customers to pay with debit and credit card via PayPal. 2. Trade clients to pay with cards using PayPal or if they have a credit account they can choose to be invoiced. 3. Finally the distributors who are invoice only.
  • We also installed Yoast SEO, so Tomcat cards could start working on the search engine optimisation for their shop.


We then went on to test the site to ensure every aspect was correctly working before we went live.

We continued to work with Mr & Mrs Thomas after the store was live offering support and assistance until they were able to manage their calendar and card store themselves.

Tomcat are a small greetings card company based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex who supply art and humour themed cards to trade and general public customers and have been doing so for the last 6 – 7 years.

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