Published: Friday December 21, 2018

Scaffolding Express

WordPress website development for London

We were contacted by a scaffolding company in the capital who wanted to utilise our WordPress website developer London service. They were looking for help with ideas and for us to design a newly updated version of their business site. So, our website designers showed them our web design London portfolio of websites previously designed, to help them get a better idea of what can be achieved when using Prestige to create a site.

They liked one site in particular and we were asked to use this as a template when designing Scaffolding express’s website. We began work immediately adding it to our demo server to ensure there was no down time for the business during the design and build process.

When building the pages, we were asked to ensure it had the following:

  • Clear call to action.
  • A simple easy to use contact form for at the top of every page.
  • Keeping the colouring the same as their brand colours (claret and blue) the owner is a lifelong West Ham fan!

We completed the tasks below when developing the site:

  • We installed the content management software WordPress and then uploaded a theme called Avada which is a very popular business theme and offers a large selection of demo layouts and which is more importantly fully responsive.
  • We started to design a company logo working with the detailed brief given by our clients, they wanted to have some type of scaffolding framework incorporated into the logo along with their company name.
  • We then created 5 main pages which were the main homepage, about us, hire page, services and a page dedicated to detailing the cost of scaffolding.
  • Then within the main header of about us we included sub pages of health and safety, accreditations, environmental policy plus more.
  • Under the hire section we created 52 additional pages of the locations they covered, each page comprised of header with a contact form, text and image and repeated at the bottom of all pages was “why us” bullet points.
  • Under the main header of services, we listed subpages of all of the scaffolding services this company offers from temporary roofs to new build scaffolds. In total we added another 23 pages for the services and each page included again a banner selling points of the company, a contact submission form on the right of the page and text and images. These pages were made simple and easy to read and use.
  • Once we had created all of the pages within the website, we went back to design the homepage. Our client had specific things he wanted to have on this page, for example he wanted to show previous works with a small blurb on the service they provided, a large section of why people should use Scaffolding Express to erect their scaffold. A large showcase image of one of their scaffolds was positioned at the top with a text layer with sales tags, contact information and an instant quotation form.
  • Once we completed the website which took us around 4-5 weeks, we transferred the site over to the live domain, where it is currently hosted.
  • Our WordPress developers then installed an SSL certificate to the website to help boost Google rankings.

Monthly maintenance

Within our quotation and contract with Scaffolding Express we provided them with free training assistance for the 1st year. After that year was up, we gave them the option of managing the website themselves or if they wished to let us manage it for them which is what they choose to do. So, we now provide this scaffolding firm with monthly website management – click here to view our WordPress help and support content management system plans. They have found this really beneficial to their scaffold firm as they just do not have enough time to manage the website along with the business and 20+ staff members they currently employ, they also know it’s in very good hands with us.

As their chosen expert WordPress website developer London, we have been working with Scaffolding Express for a little while now and they take full advantage of our design, development, marketing and support expertise and services.

Search engine optimisation

Since we first met the owners of the company we have and still are working on their SEO both on-site and off-site and have seen some excellent rankings for areas and services of their business. As we built the website to begin with the site was built with SEO in mind as we knew beforehand our client was going to want us to perform SEO. We got to work with our proven methods and techniques and have achieved page 1 rankings for many search terms within the first 6 months of starting this project. For example, if you Google scaffolding costs per m2 you will find this scaffolding company on page one along with numerous other related variations of this term.

Pay per click marketing

We also manage this clients PPC campaigns on Google. We initially set these ad’s up after researching the best keywords to target, the owners gave us their daily budget and we put these ad’s to work, it was a little bit of trial and error at first and some ad campaigns were dropped as they were not performing as well as others but in the end we had great success and now our client gets daily enquiries in with the PPC campaigns we have implemented, even though they are set up and the work is coming in, they still need to be managed by ourselves to ensure that they continue to get the conversions our client needs.

We continue to this day providing our expert WordPress website developer London services to our client and have built a good working relationship with this company. We look forward to supporting them with their website requirements for many more years to come.

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Timescales for the websites we create:

The duration of our website builds varies but generally:

  • Small brochure websites can take 3 to 7 business days plus
  • Large eCommerce stores can take up to 4-8 weeks to complete

It all depends how quick we receive information and feedback from you. If you do have a timescale in which we need to keep to please let us know and we will ensure this is adhered to, these timescales are rough estimates.

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If you are a scaffold firm based in London or in the UK and would like to know more about what we can do for your business online, then please get in touch with one of our WordPress developer London team who would be happy to assist you.

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