Published: Friday March 23, 2018

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Mr Al-Rifai wanted our financial website designers London to create an information site that showcased his objectives, and clearly explained who and what the Quorum centre was trying to achieve, he was clear in what he required and had a brief which included the number of pages needed, the title of each page, detailed content and images and his company logo. After agreeing our price, we immediately started to build the website as there was a specific timescale in which we needed to complete by, we used WordPress as this client was very familiar with this and wanted to manage the site himself once it was completed.

Mr Al-Rifai is the owner and founder of the Quorum centre which is based in Mayfair, London and has an office in Qibla, Kuwait. This company is focused on Islamic finance and economics and global financial issues and the economic effects on the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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This Mayfair based company has 3 main goals – vision, mission and value proposition which include objectives from promoting sound financial policies, educating the financial community on Islamic finance values and principles, analysing past financial crises to help prevent any future come backs, viewing the geopolitical events in the Middle East through finance, ensuring all members and the public have the latest financial and economic trends across the globe and regions and finally bringing communities and cultures together by concentrating on shared values.

  • We added 10 pages which consisted of the following:
  • Blog page where blog posts can be uploaded with images
  • Membership section providing information on how to become a member
  • A media section which has links to outside sources where by The Quorum centre or Mr Al-Rifai has featured or has been discussed about in the media. Some are links to videos from across the world.
  • A book section which showcases his published Islamic finance studies.
  • A reports page where financial and economic studies are uploaded with a free download section where members can download the latest Quorum report (like a monthly online newspaper) but only registered users can download this.
  • Finally, the standard website pages consisting of homepage, about us and contact us.

We are not currently hosting this Mayfair finance website or emails as our client already had his own hosts however we do work with them on any site updates, changes or design issues they would like us to complete on a pay as you go basis.

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Timescales for the websites we create:

The duration of our website builds varies but generally:

  • Small brochure websites can take 3 to 7 business days plus
  • Large eCommerce stores can take up to 4-8 weeks to complete

It all depends how quick we receive information and feedback from you. If you do have a timescale in which we need to keep to please let us know and we will ensure this is adhered to, these timescales are rough estimates.

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