Published: Sunday January 27, 2019

Language Teaching Website Developers

Prestige was contacted and asked to build a website for showcasing a Latin Spanish teaching business, so our language teaching website developers provided our client with a quotation and also provided her with examples of websites we had already built within this industry.

She was happy with the price and our portfolio of works and wanted to proceed fairly quickly with the website, although she was still writing content and getting images for her pages, we started to build the pages she already had written the content for.

What did our client want from the website?

She was very sure of the type of site she wanted to showcase her business and requested to have the following…

  1. Logo design – her brief for this was to incorporate her company name “Latin Spanish” along with an image of South America and the Cuban flag.
  2. 6 pages were designed which were the homepage, about me, why Spanish, my approach, lessons and contact me.
  3. A booking system was required where people can book block lessons using a booking calendar and then paying for them online.
  4. A blog was also set up for latest news, events and promotions.

What did our designers do next?

We built the site on the WordPress software and used a theme that our client had chosen from our examples.

We were given content for all of the internal pages, so we got to work creating these, our language teaching website developers knew the best way to layout the pages so that it was clear and simple, there was a lot of important information to be added so we separated these neatly into sections alongside images to give a very modern minimalist look and feel.

Our logo designer supplied our client with several mock up examples of her logo and after some thought she opted for one and signed off this aspect of the build. However later on down the line she was not too keen on the logo and changed her mind, which was not a problem for us at all, she had decided it really needed to depict the feel she was trying to give the site, so we supplied another few examples which she was far happier with which was a slightly plainer and simpler looking logo.

Initially our client wanted a booking system to be incorporated on the website where her students could book blocks of 4 lessons and be able to pick available dates and then pay though PayPal. We started to install a plugin and configure it to our client’s requirements, but she then decided that it may not be such a good idea to have the WordPress booking system with calendar options but instead just have a payment system instead. So, we then decided to install WooCommerce and have her lesson prices as physical products so that her students can go through and place an order, pay through PayPal and then get in touch to arrange times and dates. Her students would also get an email notification and a payment receipt sent straight to them.

We created a blog section ready for our client to start blogging and advised her that once she has written a minimum of three blog posts, we can then add preview snippets to the homepage.

The website was not far off being complete and all we required now was the content for the homepage, which we received and uploaded.

Prior to signing off the Latin Spanish website

  • Our client went through the whole website and provided us with a list of observations and changes she wanted doing. We completed these for her.
  • She tested the payment system which she was very happy with.
  • Our hosting team installed an SSL certificate to the website to offer extra protection for visitors.
  • Our developers tested site speed and worked on a few things internally to fully optimise the websites pages.
  • We also tested to ensure the site was working flawlessly on all mobile devices.
  • We supplied our client with email address configuration details and also admin login details to the website along with guides on how to use the site itself.

Do you want to earn money online?

  • Our websites are created to do just that! We have a proven track record of increasing our client’s sales and enquiries through the websites we build.
  • We specialise in converting casual browsers visiting your website into cash paying customers for your business! If you would like to find out how we can elevate your company or organisation on the web, please use the contact form at the top of this page or give us a call.

Timescales for the websites we create:

The duration of our website builds varies but generally:

  • Small brochure websites can take 3 to 7 business days plus
  • Large eCommerce stores can take up to 4-8 weeks to complete

It all depends how quick we receive information and feedback from you. If you do have a timescale in which we need to keep to please let us know and we will ensure this is adhered to, these timescales are rough estimates.

Do you own a language or translation business?

If you have a business similar to Latin Spanish and want to get online and give customers, the option to book lessons using the WordPress booking system and calendar plugin then please contact our language teaching website developers who are extremely knowledgeable in this sector and will build you an amazing fully operating booking or payment system lessons website.

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