Published: Monday March 12, 2018

Drupal services East Sussex

In 2017 we were contacted regarding the Drupal web services Brighton we provide by a mortgage loan brokerage company based in Portslade called Colonial Second Charge Loans or also known as CSC loans.

They wanted more information about our Drupal services in Brighton as they had quite a few tweaks and issues that needed resolving on their website and they wanted to work with a trusted Drupal developer who would complete the work on time and with no problems.

To begin with they wanted us to make improvements to their existing online loan application form to make it easier and a more efficient way to obtain details they require from their client to be able to begin the loan application process.

They wanted the following works completed on the form;

  • Additional fields added which included multiple choice drop downs.
  • A new employment type box with additional options of hours worked, temporary, full time etc or contracted hours.
  • Repayment type option which they wanted to include a pop-up warning message about “interest only” payments.
  • Extra information fields regarding self-employment, director of a company, partnership or LLP, with sub options to fill in.
  • They also required the applicant to fill out address history and wanted at least 4 address boxes to capture 3 years of address history. They wanted these to be drop down boxes, so each time one address was filled in another would appear and so on.
  • They also required for joint applications that there was space for the second applicant to submit their address history, so we created the box option again and along with a check box which automatically copies they 1st applicants address history.
  • They also required us to integrate the postcode anywhere API to the application form for looking up postcodes.
  • Once the application form had been submitted, CSC loans would receive a copy in PDF format via email.

Once we had completed the works we were required to add the files to a zip file and send it across to the clients hosting company to upload the data. This was required for security and data protection reasons. There were some slight tweaks that needed to be made to the form and then it was tested on the live site to ensure all fields and boxes worked and that CSC loans received the completed application. This project was then signed off.

In 2018 we were again contacted by CSC loans and asked to create a page urgently for a competition they were offering, we received the brief and got to work straightaway. They required a large image with layered text promoting the competition to win a luxury stay at the hotel du vin for anyone who applied for a 2nd charge mortgage. This was completed and live on the site the very same day.

CSC Loans are a second charge loan broker business based in Brighton, East Sussex who source 2nd charge loans for their clients. They work as the middle man with the borrower and lender and they gather all the required information from the borrower to help them qualify for a 2nd charge loan.

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