Published: Thursday August 23, 2018

Literary Society Website design

CLS came to us as they wanted to work with a local Chichester based literary society web designer to help create a new look and feel to their existing site, their current site had not been updated for a while and was on an older version of the WordPress website design software. Our company was contacted by one of the committee members, Lois who oversaw the project and required the following from their new site:

  • A new template and design.
  • All existing text and imagery should be copied over.
  • Creation of an event box.
  • Add a slider with quotes from famous writers and book authors.
  • Option to add journal/blog entries for events.

We were asked by the society if we could keep to a specific timescale in which we adhered to.

We create stunning websites for literary society’s:

The projected started immediately and we completed the following for the society’s new site:

  • Installed and integrated a new template along with the updated version of the WordPress CMS.
  • Transferred all content over from the old site, this included images, written text and blog posts.
  • We created 8 static pages.
  • The homepage consisted of a large colourful book image with layered writing over it, a welcome blurb about the website, the speakers, a section for the latest meeting times and dates, another section for literary/writing news and another for details about writers and authors past and present.
  • The right-hand side features the latest events, talks and walks and finally quotations on a carousel from famous writers and authors.
  • We installed a gallery section to the photos page and this featured photos of walks, parties and gatherings the society have had.
  • A page was created specifically for the speakers of the society where their name, a small description and a photo was added for each of the speakers all of whom have written or published books or content.
  • A journals page was created where by the members can add posts including news, events and journal entries.
  • A testimonials section was added which was a place where speakers and people who love to write recommend why you should join the society and what great fulfilment it is for book lovers and people who love reading.
  • The find us and contact page featured all the details you need to get in touch and locate the meetings. This also included bus times and a google map.

Once the committee members were completely happy with the site we added it to their new .org domain name. The society host the website on our cloud host and going forward will take advantage of our monthly website maintenance and support packages.

The society was founded in 2005 and is a great place for anyone who is interested in the history and lives of writers and their written copy whether it be modern verse or classic biography’s.

It is also a marvellous place to meet fellow book lovers and for sharing experiences.

The society often has talks from famous authors, writers and literary experts across the UK.

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