Who we are

Our journey began in 2012, when our website design and development company was established in the town of Chichester, West Sussex. Our small team of three got straight to work in our tiny city centre office gaining clients and building solid relationships with them, we were all about trust, honesty and transparent fees which is still our attitude today and not to blow our own trumpet, but we are now known throughout Sussex as a valued design company.

We were so keen to take the website design market in our local area by storm which is exactly what we did. We found that things were looking up after the recession hit in 2008 and that there was a growing need for websites being built that created client’s new business and as such digital marketing was becoming a very popular service. An awful lot of our clients were looking to update their old business websites to something new, creative and more importantly user friendly. Also, mobile devices were becoming a popular way of accessing the internet and so having a mobile friendly or responsive site was very important.


How we progressed

Our workload quickly increased, and we found that our range of clientele varied from small business owners, trades, large corporations and charities. We soon found that we needed to recruit more team members to enhance our design and development services and keep up with the demand. We also started to concentrate our focus on using content management systems such as WordPress and Magneto to build our clients websites as we wanted to ensure we offer them the best possible frontend software with very easy to use backends. We also started to focus a lot more on eCommerce stores and search engine optimisation. Our newly employed Prestige team members helped us thrive and brought a lot to our company which we are still very grateful for.

What happened next?

Things were going well and ticking along nicely when we were lucky to, well not just lucky, but more so from the massive effort and hard work we put in which helped us win a large web design and support contract from a very popular well-known national brand. This took our company to the next level and so this was where the journey continued and expanded, more staff members including digital marketing executives, more developers and designers, an office manager plus creative graphic designers were added to the Prestige team. We also decided to take the plunge and open an office in the heart of London as we already had quite a large client base based in the city, so it seemed the right thing to do, this would help offer our existing London clients local support and assistance and also gain more London based business for ourselves.

Since then we have not looked back and London is now the main home for Prestige, we have a solid and hard-working team around us, some of which have been here from the start, we pride ourselves in knowing that our team love what they do and enjoy working for us. Happy staff members mean’s happy clients.

As of today, 2019, we have increased the different software’s we use and services we provide and are always looking to improve our company, whilst looking forward to the future and making sure we offer our clients the latest in mobile technology and design. We are enjoying every minute of where we are today but are still humble enough to know where we came from and how far we have come.

The owners & founders of Prestige


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Co Founder/ SEO Director


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